As a multinational construction firm and a responsible corporate entity, we recognize that social, economic, and environmental responsibilities constitute an integral part to our business, and as such we believe in the importance of the inter-relationship with the social community and the environment in which we operate.

With parent companies footprint across four continents, we are committed to actively engage in tackling environmental challenges individually and collectively, hence play a positive role in protecting the environment and help build a better future for our children as well as the local community.

Accordingly, beginning 2014, we launched a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focusing on three key areas:

  1. Climate Change and clean air
  2. Waste Management
  3. Community Service

Developed in consultation with external partners, the integrated program of research, development, education, and outreach will see our firm launching a number of initiatives that will improve the environment, benefit the community, and improve our construction operational efficiency. The aim is to demonstrate these responsibilities through actions by working with the community, stakeholders, suppliers, and our own employees.

QD-SBG Construction policy is implemented through the following commitments:

  1. Work to improve the environment and society
  2. Seamlessly integrate these elements into our construction operations for sustainable development
  3. Make a difference as a responsible corporate entity in the State of Qatar

We will conduct our business with a balanced approach with an emphasis on the need to sustain natural resources and comply with international standards and regulations related to environment protection. As such, we will adopt best practices in all our CCP initiatives encompassing the three focus areas.

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