QD-SBG Construction Corporate Sustainability Statement

Our Commitment

How we conduct our business is as important as our business itself. At QD-SBG Construction, corporate sustainability means our commitment to creating long-term value for our shareholders, for our environment and for our society through innovative business solutions.

To do that we must act purposefully and proactively to conduct business in a way that protects, preserves and respects the environment, embraces, supports and encourages our employees, and gives back to our local communities. Our commitment is ambitious yet an attainable strategy to generate maximum value.

Our business is construction. The very nature of our work means we consume natural resources, we produce waste and we disturb the natural environment. But we do it in a way that has social, environmental and economic benefits. We believe that working closely with the owners and design consultants gives us the greatest opportunity to ensure an environmentally responsible construction process.

Energy and Water Use Efficiency

Energy and water use efficiencies are typically “by design”. When we have an opportunity to contribute to the design we look for building systems that provide immediate and long-term savings. We also search for innovative ways to save construction costs and reduce the use of resources such as potable water. One example of this is our reuse of water from de-watering wells for dust control. Our new office buildings include energy and water efficient measures including low-flow and waterless fixtures, energy-efficient glazing and motion-sensor lighting.


Carbon Emission Reduction

We are committed to the ongoing identification of carbon emission reduction strategies across our jobs and in our offices. Carbon emission reductions are currently achieved through the use of alternate-fuel corporate vehicles and construction equipment, fleet reduction, local material procurement, on-site renewable energy production, on-site material manufacturing such as concrete batch plants and the re-use of waste products such as flyash in our concrete mixes.

Construction Waste Management

All offices have active waste recycling programs. Job-site recycling is initiated where required by the owner or the jurisdiction or when cost savings are available. Waste management creates jobs in new markets, extends the life of our landfills by reducing the amount of waste, may reduce the cost of new materials made with recycled content and in some cases contributes to significant reductions in carbon emissions from the extraction of raw materials. We are committed to recycling efforts, which leads to significant saving in:

  1. Adult trees
  2. Landfill space
  3. Thousands of kilowatts of electricity and barrels of oil
  4. Reduced carbon footprint (equal to removing cars from the roadway)

Natural Resources Selection

Our ability to impact the sustainability of the upstream material suppliers and the downstream users is often limited by our clients’ choices. When possible we procure local materials. This reduces the carbon emission for transport and supports the local economy. Building materials with recycled content are used to reduce waste, reuse existing materials, reduce the use of virgin raw materials, and save the expense and emissions from extracting or harvesting raw materials.

Indoor Air Quality Protection

In our offices and on our jobs we are protecting the indoor air from pollutants and contaminants that may cause immediate and future problems. On our green construction projects we use construction materials that meet standardized testing limits for volatile organic compounds and urea-formaldehyde content. Tobacco smoking is prohibited indoors. Our Safety Policy outlines the use of temporary ventilation and restrictions for air-polluting work during normal work hours.

We are committed to building and operating sustainably.

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