QD-SBG Construction is committed to providing clients with high construction quality and innovative solutions for projects that result from a highly investigative design process, a studied analysis of traditional and unconventional construction methods, and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resource efficient construction methods.

Each of our projects strives to enrich one’s experience of space, light, context, materials and craftsmanship through the experience construction experience. It is our belief that exemplary construction work not only provides functional space, but acts as a lens through which we view, understand, and appreciate the natural and man-made world. In this way, our innovative construction solutions can offer order, beauty, and inspiration. Construction, as we view it, is art.

QD-SBG Construction improves the construction community by creating intelligent and effective construction methods and alternative material applications. We do this by:

  • Delivering Innovative Solutions
  • Enhancing the Quality of Life
  • Celebrating Nature’s Abundance

Construction should be harmoniously linked to microclimate, context, and both local and global sites. As a result, we promote the use of local building materials, employ energy and resource efficient design strategies and actively practice “green”. In conjunction with these aims, construction realizations which are bold and unique to each client and site are produced.

At QD-SBG Construction, we deliver a unique and personal product. Although projects range from new construction at the civic scale to the smallest residential remodels, each construction opportunity brings creative potential. QD-SBG Construction’s strength is transforming this potential into reality.

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